The Desperado's Motorcycle
Club was founded in 1975 in
Johnston County North
Carolina. Like every
motorcycle club that has been
together any length of time,
we have seen our share of
trials and tribulations. In the
early years, membership
numbers were high only to see
them Diminish as peoples
Priorities in their lives change
and standards within the club
change and increase. All that
being said, we must be doing
something right.

We started with the original
chapter in Selma NC but since
that time we have grown and
now have other chapters in
North Carolina and Virginia
and are always looking to grow
and add other chapters.

We are not a motorcycle club
for everyone. We are an "old
school" club with very high
standards that will not be
compromised for anyone.

We are not a support club, but
we're damn sure not a "fence
walking" club either. We are
proud to call the Red and
White our friends and do
support them worldwide.